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Javascript DHTML Image Web Scroller Powered by is a subsidy of it's parent company, Reach Media and Communications. Neo Jazz radio is a Smooth Jazz Radio Platform presented in a new way. Neo Jazz Radio delivers the best in Smooth Jazz as the main format with a touch of Neo Soul, Motivational Words of Encouragement and Spoken Word Poetry.

Reach Media and Communications offers a maximum online presence for the direct marketing of products and services to our local community and worldwide. We offer a wide variety of services including access to telecommunications products, media exposure and entertainment including radio and having a presence at events and community outreach programs globally to create an awareness and educate individuals about their music choices and to educate our youth on music alternatives to move them away from listening to some of the degrading music they have been exposed to. Neo Jazz Radio gives enjoyable alternative of great music to listen to. Reach Media and Communication's efforts in their unique programming and community outreach is providing teens and adults an outlet for music that they may collectively enjoy. Neo Jazz Radio is hard at work to ensure that your listening experience will keep you wanting more as you have never heard a smooth jazz station like this before.

Neo Jazz Radio is unique in that we also air Spoken Word Poetry and a Daily Word of Encouragement each day. No other Smooth Jazz station is doing this. Neo Jazz Radio is the first to bring you smooth jazz like this in a new way. We are the first but not the last! This is New ...Not Boring Jazz Radio. We are saving Smooth Jazz One Listener at a Time!

Neo Jazz radio was birthed out of a need for change in the Smooth Jazz platform. Smooth Jazz Radio Stations have been shutting down in cities all over the nation. Smooth Jazz is yet still one of the best music genre's available to listen to and it is also one of the purest and most dynamic types of music. We believe that Smooth Jazz is here to stay. Through research we found that the loss of advertising dollars and listener boredom have contributed to the loss of so many excellent Smooth Jazz Stations. Neo Jazz Radio plans to Bring Smooth Jazz back in style with more flavor. Neo Jazz Radio has upbeat and fun radio personalities, listener and artist support and interaction, comedy, poetry and of course the best in Smooth Jazz. Please click Listen Now to tune in and listen and feel free to continue to Browse our site for more information about our personalities and promoters!

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